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I have been on YouTube for several years, both as a visitor and as a creator. If you create your own content, you have probably encountered most of the obstacles that I have experienced. Low views, no one can find me, nagging friends and family to watch my videos. Have given up several times but eventually I came across ” TubeBuddy “. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool for YouTube creators. After that I became a YouTube partner, earn a small fortune every month so I conclude that this helped me (and several thousand others according to online reviews)

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Created a test account where TubeBuddy was activated on November 26. Followed all recommendations on the Legend plan. With several months, you are almost guaranteed to get an enormously good result.

TubeBuddy is one of the world’s best tools for you who make your own videos on YouTube. Whether you’ve been uploading videos for years or you’re thinking about starting, you should use this tool to improve and get the best results possible. By the way, TubeBuddy is also certified by YouTube , which is not so easy to become without deserving it.

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1. YouTube SEO tools

For me, the best part of TubeBuddy is the huge amount of YouTube SEO features it has. These features can help your videos enter the YouTube algorithm and get millions of suggested views.

My favorite features include:

1.Suggested labels

2.Keyword explorer

3.SEO Studio

4. Best time to publish

5.Video A/B testing

2. Detailed channel statistics

TubeBuddy’s in-depth analysis helps you grow your channel by understanding what works and what doesn’t. With the data, you can focus on creating content that drives views and increases your revenue.

The best features that have helped me grow:

1. Analysis of viewing time

2. Health report

3. Spying on competing channels

4. Social monitor

5.Rank Trackers

3. Productivity tools

TubeBuddy helps save time by speeding up many of the manual actions you normally have to perform on YouTube.

My favorite features are:

1. Updates of large amounts of metadata

2. Pre-written responses to comments

3. Publish/share on Facebook

4.Thumbnail image generator

5.Video topic planner

Already saved? Try it out via the button here and you’ll get a free account and browser extension. Alternatively, check out the next post for a full review of TubeBuddy.

I can truly say that TubeBuddy was a major factor in my channel’s success. It would have been much more difficult without all the SEO tools TubeBuddy gives me.

If you combine TubeBuddy and my guide on how to grow your YouTube channel, I think you can grow from scratch pretty quickly! 🎉

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